Growing Literacy

It took me a while to get it.

I’ve been surrounded by books my entire life. Sometimes (lately, when our book collection outpaces our bookshelves) literally. When I think about my childhood, memories straight out of books I read are second only to memories about food. (It’s a thing.) And LeVar Burton never had to do much convincing – I was up for anything Reading Rainbow threw my way.

When I was in school, it slowly dawned on me that not everyone liked to read as much as I did. As I got older, I realized that not everyone grew up with books at the center of their quiet time like I did either.

My parents have volunteered with literacy-focused organizations pretty much my whole life, so we grew up with the knowledge that helping other people learn to read is one of the most important causes you can work for. Through their work, we learned about print awareness in early childhood, about family literacy and adult literacy and of course, the all-important mission of instilling a love of reading in kids when they’re young.

I took our 2-year-old daughter to her checkup the other day, and the doctor gave her a board book. (We already had Goodnight Moon, so he was kind enough to bring her another one.) He was impressed with how she showed the book to me, then to him, so that we would read it to her. How she turned the pages, and pointed to the little bunny in bed.

I was impressed with the fact that they’re giving out books at our doctor’s office.

It took me a while to get it. But I do.

Posted by Maggie Stack, one of our LV*SW*MN friends

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