Masking tape and Minnesota

Check out the MN booksMay’s Second Saturday met on the 1st Saturday in May because of Southwest Minnesota State University’s upcoming graduation on 5/10/2014. We had a great time reading Betsy Bowen’s Antler, Bear, Canoe and Mary Beth Lorbiecki’s Paul Bunyan’s Sweetheart.  Visit these authors’ websites to see what interesting things they do! I look forward to Ms. Lorbiecki’s book scheduled for release in September 2014 entitled The Prairie That Nature Built.  All of us at Second Saturday agreed that we would like to see Ms. Bowen create a prairie-themed alphabet book about our part of the state.

Run around MNAbove you can see the masking tape map of Minnesota.  These two reader- runners were among the first to arrive and chase around the state.  Later, more of our readers challenged one another to locate specific cities and sites around the  state.  They finished up with some great laps around the borders.  They might have stepped in Lake Superior or across the border with Canada once or twice! We shared information about the following resources:

Minnesota’s tourism website, Explore Minnesota,  is a great place to get information about places to visit, special events, and other ideas for traveling around our state.

The Minnesota Historical Society has great resources on its website. My favorites include the links under the “Explore” tab, including TimePieces and MNopedia. In addition to the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, there are 25 other sites around the state. One of my all-time favorite places to visit is the Jeffers Petroglyphs near Comfrey, MN.

The Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota is revising some of its online activities, but the On the Prairie resource is still available. This is probably suited more to school-aged children, perhaps with a parent along to help with reading.

The Department of Natural Resources’ has Get Out Minnesota for kids.  At each of its Minnesota State Parks pages, the DNR has an option to panoramic tours.  Just follow the link and click on the park you want to visit.



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