Literacy at the Lyon County Fair

Thank you everyone who visited our booth at the Lyon County Fair last week (June 30 – August 2, 2014). Thank you as well to all of our wonderful volunteers who helped prepare and staff the booth.

Our question “What is Literacy?” received some great responses. Answers included:

  • Reading
  • To help inform people
  • Math
  • Ability to read and share love of learning
  • A right of passage – necessary part of life – inclusiveness – imagination
  • How to read/understand
  • Being able to read and write successfully

Many fair goers stated that the meaning of literacy is “to read,” although just as many commented that literacy is “learning how to read.” Others included a note on sharing learned information and skills. A couple cute answers from the younger respondents included “coloring” and “know your letters.”

And yes, coloring activities can promote early childhood development. The coloring pages we handed out came from PBS.

There were a lot of folks at the fair who certainly have a love of both learning and sharing knowledge, and that is something to appreciate.

CaptureThe Alphabet Fair activity was a great hit among the kids. When parents encouraged their children to complete the activity, they were more likely to return to receive a prize. Those of us staffing the booth were once again reminded that early literacy skills develop best when parents assist and support their children with reading and learning. Thank you, parents.

The Alphabet Fair activity was a slightly revised version of Debra Frasier’s A Fabulous Fair Alphabet, developed for the Minnesota State Fair. Frasier’s book was a great resource to have on hand to find words for difficult letters like Z and Q. After all, there are no zebras among the many animals at the Lyon County Fair.

Thanks again to everyone who made the fair such a success!

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