Pi(e) Day at the Library 3.14 15

Picture1Family Literacy Saturday, in honor of Pi Day, celebrates the wonderful circle and the amazing number π that goes on forever (at least as far as we have discovered). We will have some pi(e) to share as well.  One of the earliest celebrations of Pi was at the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco.  We may not have the resources of the Exploratorium, but our intern Emily Meier, an education major at Southwest Minnesota State University, has planned some fun activities related to pi, circles, spheres, and more.  We will have concurrent programs at 10:30, one for children in preschool and kindergarten and one for children in 1st through 5th grades.

Construction on the interior of the Marshall-Lyon County Library is underway  to prepare for the opening of the new children’s wing and the creation of new spaces inside the current building.  Library staff have  a selection of children’s books shelved across from the circulation desk, so you will still be able to browse for books as well as attend the program at 10:30 at 201 C Street in Marshall, MN.  Preschoolers will meet by the fireplace and older kids will meet in the Community Room.  We hope to see you there on March 14th, 0r 3.1415…!

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