Today my husband and I had the good fortune to attend the wedding of a former student. The ceremony was beautiful and joyful, and the young couple were surrounded by friends and family who will love and support them in their marriage. We reflected that the 4th of July is a pretty good day to attend a wedding, especially when the church was filled with people who had come to the United States as refugees formerly living in camps in Thailand.  Many of them are now naturalized U.S. citizens, and they are contributing in wonderful ways to communities in SW Minnesota and elsewhere.

In the last several weeks, several of our adult learners, their family members, or friends have had their citizenship interviews scheduled. Most people who were born to U.S. citizens and did not have to apply for their citizenship have limited knowledge of the process. The Citizenship Resource Center  is a good place to learn more.

We wish our learners and their friends and families well at their interviews and look forward to celebrating with them when they have become naturalized U.S. Citizens. 

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