Families Learning supports family literacy programs in our region, including the partnership we have with Marshall Early Childhood and Family Education.

One of the most powerful influences on a child’s academic and life success is the family’s involvement in a child’s learning from birth through high school and beyond. We want every young person in our community to have the best possible learning experiences. We want all parents to have the knowledge and resources they need to take an active role in their children’s formal and informal education.

Your donation lets us provide quality preschool experiences with English class for families who came to the immigrants or refugees. In 2016-17, we had a waiting list of more than thirty families because we did not have sufficient funding for two more classes. Your donation will help us reach more families in 2017-18. Your donation helps us train tutors to work with adult learners and young people in other after-school, evening, and weekend programs. Your donation buys books, online resources, and learning tools to use with adults and families.

Here is how your donation makes a difference:

  • $30 provides transportation for a parent and two young children to attend family literacy classes for one month. Most families we work with are lower income and do not have funds for reliable and safe transportation, so we provide bus tokens.
  • $60 purchases learning resources and lessons for a parent attending our evening literacy, English, and GED-prep classes and leadership events.
  • $120 is the average cost of printing materials and purchasing resources (that we re-use) to provide family-focused STEM literacy events with take-home activities that encourage parent-child learning at home
  • $240 dollars covers the cost of an annual license for an online resource our English learners (high school and adults) use to improve their language skills

In 2016, we provided classes and tutoring for 87 adults and 99 children and provided STEM and other family literacy activities for 197 children and 111 adults. With your support, we can reach more people.

In addition for monetary donations, we have an ongoing wish list for in-kind donations:

Office supplies, especially copy paper and white card stock; school supplies (pencils, composition books, markers, pens, highlighters, etc.); high-quality children’s books (new or gently used); up-to-date print dictionaries for English learners; nutritious snacks and paper supplies for our after-school programs; household items that can be used for science and engineering projects; and quality art supplies. If you have other items to donate, please contact us first. We have limited storage space, so we have to plan where to put your generous donations!