For Tutors

Tutor an adult to pass her GED. Assist at a drop-in tutoring site for adult learners. Support families who are learning English. Engage with young people and families in STEAM (science-tech-engineering-arts-math) literacy and learning projects.

Help a learner reach his or her literacy goals.

Our tutors do all of these things and more because they believe that literacy changes lives.

We always welcome new volunteers who want to make literacy and lifelong learning accessible to everyone in our region.

Together, we can meet the literacy needs in our community.

Literacy Volunteers of Southwest Minnesota tutors work with:

  • English Language Learner adults, families, and young people (ELL/ESL) who have a first language other than English.  Their language abilities will range from limited English to nearly fluent.
  • Families who are interested in learning more about STEAM literacy.
  • Native English speakers who want to improve their reading, writing, or public speaking skills
  • Adults working to complete their GED.
  • Adults who want to improve their math or digital literacy skills for work opportunities or personal use.
  • Adults who want to obtain their U.S. citizenship.
  • Individuals who want to begin or return to college and need to brush up on reading, writing, math, or study skills.

Click here for a copy of our Volunteer Application.

VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION and TRAINING:  We want to schedule orientation sessions that will work for you. Orientation session will provide information about:

  • LV*SW*MN’s mission and programs
  • A tutor training overview
  • Adult education programs in Minnesota
  • Other “essential support” volunteer opportunities

There will be time for questions as well.  We will schedule your tutor training if becoming a volunteer tutor is a good fit for you.

If you would like additional information or to schedule a tutor orientation, please email us  at or complete the contact form:

We will respond to you within 7 days.